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  • dimanzi eau de parfum
  • dimanzi eau de parfum
  • fresh and woody notes
  • african spirit
  • aligned with french chic
  • iconic
  • 'manzi' zulu word for water
  • glass beads by the local women of kzn
  • dimanzi voyage
dimanzi eau de parfum1 dimanzi eau de parfum2 fresh and woody notes3 african spirit4 aligned with french chic5 iconic6 'manzi' zulu word for water7 glass beads by the local women of kzn8 dimanzi voyage9

discover dimanzi

A rainbow floral green fragrance with fresh and woody notes capturing the essence of our African spirit and aligning it with true French chic.

My selection of essential oils come directly from Grasse in France, the home of so many great perfume. The glass beads are made with pride by the local women in the rural areas of the Midlands in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

The iconic zebra is part of my personal Burchell heritage and also my love of the classic tradition of black and white.

Creating a fragrance is not only a journey of all our senses but also an exploration into the well-spring of our artistic inspirations!

"Manzi" is the Zulu word meaning water and it is with such pleasure that I bring to you my eau de parfum…..dimanzi

luv di

dimanzi eau de parfum dimanzi eau de parfum

Di Thompson

Dimanzi brand ambassador Ayanda Nhlapo
Dimanzi brand ambassador Ayanda Nhlapo

Ayanda Nhlapo

Brand Ambassador

I am Ayanda Nhlapo….

a young, talented and stylish Johannesburg-based creative….immersed in the television and fashion industry. Being a city girl with a busy lifestyle, meditation and yoga keep me grounded and are both my go to practices when I need a sense of balance. Dancing is my number one hobby, it helps release tension and energy, while still allowing me to express my emotions. Am a Sagittarian, a fire sign beaming with a zest for life and the need for constant new experiences. My passion is creating meaningful and unique work that generates awareness of social, economic and environmental issues that helps make our world a better place for all. I love engaging with different people teaching them, and learning from them. What truly sets my soul on fire is travelling ….. visiting new destinations, tasting different foods and of course meeting interesting people from all the corners of the world.

As an African, I love exploring and sharing the sheer beauty of our rich and indigenous identity. I love our people, our animals, our weather as well as our various cultures and traditions. The Zebra is my favourite animal and am also a water baby by nature…however these are not the only elements that attracted me to dimanzi. Its’s the strikingly charming scent of dimanzi eau de parfum that took my breath away!!! …. I love smelling amazing and always prioritise in investing in a beautiful, quality fragrance. When I met Di Thompson and tried DIMANZI – I instantly fell in love! …and am also fully behind buying from and supporting our local business’s, which is why I am even prouder to be the Brand Ambassador of dimanzi. The essence and meaning of dimanzi and myself are one and the same!! I call it Conscious African Luxury.

I am simply a fabulous and friendly lady with a beautiful DIMANZI aura......

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