About Dimanzi

Dimanzi is a South African award-winning fine fragrance collection. The renowned Dimanzi Eau de Parfum range was created by Di Thompson, following the traditions of French Chic and merging with African essence. The brand's name, Dimanzi, combines "Di" with "Manzi," meaning water in Zulu, honoring Di's African heritage. The zebra, symbolising her Burchell lineage and her love for the classic black-and-white, was the inspiration behind the beautiful Dimanzi packaging design. The fragrances are a blend of meticulously selected essential oils sourced from Grasse, France, known for its creation of "grandes classiques." All production processes take place in South Africa, actively supporting local initiatives and small businesses. The Dimanzi perfume range includes the bespoke Dimanzi Signature, Dimanzi D'oro, diMANzi RDT, diMANzi Club, and its newest addition, Dimanzi Maison, offering a beautiful collection of home fragrances and accessories.

Dimanzi and Di (creator and founder)

Di Thompson views perfume as more than a mere scent; it embodies a labor of love. Introduced to the beauty and perfume realm at a young age by her mother, June, who worked in the industry, Di spent her school holidays at the factory in Jeppestown, assisting in packing various lotions, potions, and of course, perfumes. These experiences left an indelible mark on her. Immersed in a magical world, she recalls these memories fondly. “Such a magical world for a young girl and the memories will stay with me forever”.

Di pursued her education at Jeppe Girls High, mastering the French language before graduating in 1971. Further studies in Fine Art and English followed at Wits University. In 1975, an exceptional opportunity arose as she enrolled in beauty therapy and makeup courses at the esteemed HOUSE OF GUERLAIN on the Champs Elysees, deepening her passion for fragrances.

In 1988, Di established Le Visage Boutique Salon in Bedfordview. Inspired by her late son, Rowan David Thompson, she then ventured into creating her own brand, encapsulating her unwavering dedication to the industry. Thus, DiMANZI emerged.

Di's journey in the world of perfume is truly inspiring. From her early days in Jeppestown to the creation of her own brand, DIMANZI, she has shown a deep passion and commitment to the art of fragrance. Her story is a testament to the power of heritage, inspiration, and personal dedication in crafting a successful brand that resonates with both personal history and cultural significance. DiMANZI's success is a beautiful tribute to her journey and a dream realized, and this is only the beginning!

“Never would I have imagined today that I would be presenting my very own fragrance creation, it really is a dream come true!”